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Realme adds wearables, wireless earphones to phones

Oppo’s sister brand Realme isn’t just looking to steal the limelight on phones, but on other gadgets, too.

Budget and midrange phones may well have seen the launch of Realme in Australia last year, but that’s not all the company plans to bring to Australia. There are also earphones and wearables.

That’s what Australians can expect to find from a sister brand of Oppo, as a company that started by offering a few inexpensive phones tackles other things in an inexpensive way, as well.

There are two things to start with, and while it’s possible we could see more, Realme is keen to give wearable and wireless audio a good test this year, launching a pair of earbuds that look strikingly like something you might have seen from Apple, while its fitness band is a little more in line with the likes of what Fitbit normally has.

In fairness to Realme, both designs have become so normal, that consumers have likely come to expect the approaches in products, though Realme is offering slightly different takes, with one of the reasons being a drop in price.

While a pair of Apple AirPods typically sits at over $200, Realme’s take in the Buds Air sit at the $149 mark, offering a custom chip Realme calls the “R1” that uses Bluetooth 5 and pairs with devices, be it iOS or Android.

There’s voice assistant support here, as well as a gaming mode to handle synchronisation between devices, plus support for up to 17 hours of battery life with the rechargeable case, though only three hours of battery life for the earbuds in between charges.

On the wearable side, Realme’s Band has a rather simple name, but hopes to grab people with its cost, sitting at $99 for an IP68 water resistant fitness band, complete with a heat rate sensor and small colour screen.

“It’s a core part of our strategy to ensure Aussies can enjoy the latest technologies and innovations without having to break the bank,” said Andy Yang, Managing Director of Realme in Australia.

Realme’s additions come alongside the launch of its latest phone, the Realme 6, and aim to endear the company’s approach of value-driven products to new customers.

For instance, Realme’s $149 Buds Air may not have the most innovative name or design, but they do pack in wireless charging in the case for much less than some of the competitors out there. Meanwhile its $99 Band aims at six days of battery life, a similar result to some of the more expensive fitness bands.

“In just two years we have expanded our customer presence to include 27 global markets. Extending our product line to include wearable technology is the next logical step in ensuring we continue to offer our customers advanced products that provide surprising and exciting experiences they can use in their everyday life,” said Yang.

Realme’s accessories can be online initially, available at Amazon, Catch, eBay, Kogan, and Realme’s online presence, among others.

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