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LG ZX 88 inch 8K OLED TV (CES 2020)

LG’s 8K OLED TVs fetch a pretty (exy) penny

One of our favourite things from CES this year, the 8K LG OLED, has a price tag, and it’s not particularly friendly.

Big, bright, and remarkable to look at, one of the nicest things we saw at CES earlier in the year was easily LG’s massive 8K OLED TV.

CES seems like a lifetime ago, when back in January, we were walking from hall to hall in Nevada, taking in the landscape of technology and how it was set to change.

LG’s stand was as impressive as always, at least every time we’ve been to CES, with curved of OLED screams wrapping around the front like a preview banner of what the world can expect from its wafer-thin TV technology. It acted as a preview of dazzling colour and dynamic visuals, before you were treated to the star event: 8K OLED.

LG’s OLED ribbon at CES 2020

It’s a thing, but it’s definitely not going to be cheap. You probably knew that already, but the level of just how much may surprise you, especially in a time like this.

LG Australia has announced the prices for its 8K OLED TVs, with two arriving, starting with a 77 inch 8K OLED at $35,999, while the 88 inch model will cost a staggering $71,999. That’s not far from the $100K mark for a TV, even if it’s one that presents a massive 7680×4320 picture and a staggering 33 million pixels.

That’s 33 million OLED pixels, or 33,177,600 to be exact, with each switching on to a specific colour, or just off for black.

No doubt it’s a staggering price within reach of only a handful, arriving alongside LG’s other features launched in its 2020 4K OLED TVs, including Nvidia G-Sync and video upscaling, thanks to the LG Alpha 9 Generation 3 processor.

However if those two 8K TVs seem out of reach and you still want to make the jump to 8K this year, LG will have a few LED-backlit options coming, arriving in the Nano95 and Nano99.

More like LG’s 2020 range of 4K NanoCell TVs, which use quantum dot crystals to enhance the colour of a traditional LED-backlit LCD TV, the NanoCell 8K TVs will start at $5399 for a 65 inch 8K in the Nano 95, while the more expensive Nano99 adds a couple of grand to a price of $7199. There are also 75 inch models, which can top out at $10,199 for an 8K LED-backlit LCD TV by LG.

“This year, we continue our leadership in OLED technology with a greater selection of displays to choose from and an enhanced intelligent processor to match,” said Tony Brown, Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment at LG in Australia.

“With LG 8K OLED and NanoCell 8K TVs, customers will be set up for the future, but even now they can upscale content to near 8K formats,” he said.

While that’s good news for people who want that new shiny 8K resolution even amidst a total lack of content and no streaming solutions, the price is definitely a hit.

With release coming in the near future, if you want one of LG’s latest big OLED TVs, you might want to start saving, or just wait until the price inevitably falls over the coming years, which is about when the content should materialise.

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