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Dell G5 13

Dell, Alienware set for high-spec Intel gaming goodness

High speed and high specs are coming in new laptops from Dell and Alienware, thanks in part to an Intel launch a few weeks back.

Ever since Intel launched some new very high speed processors for laptops that to be very cool, there have been some very cool laptop announcements from manufacturers keen to get them in the hands of gamers. Lenovo, for instance, as well as Gigabyte, and now we’re getting a look as to what Dell and its Alienware gaming brand have to offer, as the two talk about what’s coming in the world of mobile gaming.

Both are pretty heavy hitters in gaming, and both will have updated machines on the way made to impress.

For starters, Alienware’s 15 and 17 inch computers will get a boost, with the m15 and m17 seeing release now, and sporting those high-speed Intel Core H chips, as well as an option for the new Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics chip, both of which are fairly consistent in the big new computers we’re seeing.

They’ll offer up to 32GB storage, Thunderbolt 3 USB Type C charging, and prices from $3199 and $3599 for the 15 inch m15 and 17 inch m17 respectively, and they’re not alone.

Alienware m15
Alienware m15

There’s a bigger laptop on the way in an upgraded take on the Area 51m, a laptop that you can customise after it comes to you.

Post-factory customisation is a bit of a rarity in the world of portable PCs these days, thanks in part to how everything is typically soldered in place on the thin and light computers you buy in stores. Alienware’s Area 51m shakes things up with support for desktop processors, and will use Intel’s 10th-gen Core S processors, supporting as many as 10 cores and speeds of up to 5.3GHz, as well as some high-end graphics, too.

There’s a 17 inch 4K Ultra HD screen along for the ride, and it’s coming next week for a starting price of $3999, making for a big gaming laptop with long term upgradability.

However all three of Alienware’s gaming laptops additions do come with a couple of things in common: colourful lighting and hefty price tags. No matter how you look at them, a starting price of $3K doesn’t make for a necessarily wallet-friendly set of prices, and so Dell has a solution for gamers on a bit of a budget.

Dell G3 15

Two upgraded models are coming to Dell’s “G” range of gaming laptops, the G3 15 and the G5 15, a 13 inch and 15 inch gaming laptop respectively that sees support for Intel’s Core H processors, with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2060 graphics chip and colourful lighting, much like Alienware laptops receive (and controllable using the same software, at that). They will come with a lower price tag, however, with the 13 inch model starting from $1599 and the 15 inch from $2299.

Dell and Alienware’s range should be hitting stores now, though, providing options for gamers who want them.

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