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Intel’s 10th gen Core S pushes desktop gaming

It’s not enough to have a laptop hit new levels, as Intel is pushing the desktop even faster with what it claims is “the world’s fastest gaming processor”.

Computer chips are about to hit new extremes in the gaming world, as Intel and its partners get ready to push out laptops that can deliver past the 5GHz mark. That’s good news for gamers looking for desktop-level grunt, and even for content creators, as well, which could well put their their portable counterparts on the same footing.

But wait, because at the same time, there’s a push to make desktop even faster yet again, as Intel delivers what it says is the fastest gaming processor around.

Able to be clocked at a maximum of 5.3GHz, the 10th gen Intel Core S i9 10900K is Intel’s latest chip made for the PC desktop, it’s built for folks who plan on overclocking, and even those who don’t, with support for a boost in workloads across its ten cores, and a base frequency of 3.7GHz before it’s pushed past that five gigahertz maximum. That makes it just about one of the biggest bursts of power you can find in a computer, and it comes with some graphics alongside, though we bet if you’re considering this chip, you’re likely looking at a serious external graphics card alongside.

However there are features included, such as support for both fast wired Ethernet and WiFi 6, though you shouldn’t expect this one to be cheap.

Much like how the recent laptops with Comet Lake’s Core H chips fetch a pretty penny as an asking price, we’re expecting Intel’s Comet Lake Core S to push pash the $1000 price for the chip alone, likely reaching near the $1500 mark, if not over. Intel hasn’t confirmed a local price as of yet, but with last year’s high-end 10900X offering 3.7GHz and a maximum of 4.7GHz with a price around $1149, you can bet this newer chip will likely be a little higher priced comparatively.

Computer stores is where you can expect this one soon, with the new Intel chips likely arriving sometime in the next month or two.

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