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Upright Go 2

Upright Go updates posture perfecting to version two

Not sure if you have perfect posture? An update to a gadget made to deal with that is on the way.

Beyond your phone, there are lots of gadgets designed to help you in your life.

A Fitbit or other health-related wearable is designed to help you track your activities and maintain your health. If you do a lot of working out, you might opt for a dedicated heart rate tracker, which true to its name, will track your heart specifically to ensure your information is valid for the app it talks to.

There are also smart scales to track your overall weight, app-connected glucometres, and even an upcoming belly band for pregnant women that can provide the heart beat of a baby when they’re in the right age and position.

Simply put, gadgets can do a lot, and these days health is a big part of what they’re designed to do. This can mean many things, but it’s rarely about posture. In fact, while the Nintendo Wii balance board from Wii Fit was built to take that on, these days that accessory is likely gathering dust if you do have it at all.

But if you’re looking to fix your posture, a new gadget has turned up, as Upright looks to update its posture perfecting gadget to version two.

The new model is named the Upright Go 2, and it sits alongside the original Go, which launched back in 2017 to provide an app-connected wearable that aimed to tell you when you were slouching.

A couple of years later, the new model, the Upright Go 2, is half the size, more sensitive, includes support for Type C USB charging, and lasts longer without the need to recharge. Upright is suggesting that it should improve posture and strengthen muscles using its gadget, with results in roughly two weeks.

Upright Go 2

You won’t likely be using it all the time, rather just when your posture is a little questionable, such as sitting or standing while doing very little. However, if you’re a little concerned, the Upright Go is designed to sit on your back, monitoring position and giving you a gentle little vibration when you have done something wrong.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest posture trainer, the Upright Go 2,” said Todd Lynton, Vice President of Upright in Australia.

“It’s the best, simplest, fastest and most natural way to improve your posture within just 1-2 weeks,” he said.

“By using biometric sensors to detect when you begin to slouch, the device will gently vibrate on your back as an immediate training reminder to sit or stand with good posture. The fantastic thing about it is that you won’t even know you are wearing it and neither will anyone else.”

While we’ll have to wait for a review unit to determine whether the second-generation Upright Go is an improvement on what we saw back when it launched, one thing is definitely positive, with the original model dropping in price to $99.95, while the Upright Go 2 takes the original’s place for the same price of $149.95.

Upright Go 2

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