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Amazon Echo Dot (2019)

Spotify rolls out free tier to Amazon speakers, too

It’s not just Sonos users that can listen to Spotify on their speakers without paying for it.

Owners of an Amazon speaker or three may find themselves able to listen to more music even if they don’t pay for it, as Spotify has rolled out its free service beyond the of Sonos.

A few weeks ago, the Sonos multiroom speaker system found itself with more in the way of music, while folks with Google smart speakers should have been able to access Spotify Free for some time.

And now if you have an Amazon speaker, say one of the Echo or Echo Dot speakers, or even one of the Echo Show and Echo Spot smart displays, you’ll find Spotify’s free tier works there, too.

You won’t get the service ad-free, though, as Spotify Free is ad-supported, just like it is in the app. But you will get the service all the same, offering a shuffle through songs, custom playlists, and more.

The Spotify Free integration with Amazon Alexa also works under Spotify Connect, which allows you to remotely control an Alexa’s Spotify connection using a phone or computer, bypassing the Alexa app and your voice control.

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