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Sonos rumours ramp up for new gear

We’re now in the final half of the year, and that means you can expect new gear for the holiday season, with rumours ramping up for Sonos.

There could soon be more choice for speakers in your home, and possibly a little outside it as well, with rumours on new products from none other than Sonos.

With an IKEA partnership about ready to blossom in Australia and on track for the release of two Sonos speakers from the furniture maker, you probably shouldn’t be surprised that Sonos has some changes waiting in the wings.

The Sonos Play:3 has been discontinued for some time, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that mid-range speaker model saw an update, providing a spot between the $299 Sonos One and the $749 Play:5, the latter of which could see an update as well.

Essentially anything that looks old will likely see a change, and that includes the Sonos Connect, a small receiver that can provide Sonos access to traditional speakers around your home that might need a bit of a modern multiroom lift.

There are newer AV receivers with Sonos support built in, but if you don’t need that and just want the old ceiling speakers wired to be a part of your Sonos system, this could provide it.

However the biggest rumour of the bunch seems to be around a new speaker, and a long awaited portable Sonos.

As it stands, there isn’t a single Sonos speaker that can be moved away from a power point and stay switched on. You can move the Sonos One and plug it into a different wall plug to have it work, but it won’t stay on during this process.

Essentially, Sonos isn’t portable, but that could change.

Across the pond, a home theatre website Zatz Not Funny! posted a glimpse of a new Sonos speaker, complete with a look that makes it closer to a slimmer Sonos One. A slimmer and portable Sonos One, we should say, which is what the rumours are suggesting.

Portability could give Sonos exactly what it needs to make its system not just multiroom, but also venture outside, which would be a welcome addition.

We suspect it won’t be the only announcement if Sonos does talk about a new product or two, but with rumours shaping up around an event in the next few weeks, you probably won’t have to wait long to find something new from Sonos.

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