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Microsoft HoloLens 2 preview

Samsung teases foldables, Microsoft hints at HoloLens 2

Another day, another set of teasers, as two giants of the electronics world each remind us why the end of February is and isn’t far away.

If you’re thinking of buying a new phone in the next few weeks, you might just want to put those plans on hold.

Mobile World Congress is literally right around the corner, due to arrive in the last few days of February, and with it will come quite a few announcements for folks keen to buy or lease a new phone in 2019.

Of those announcements, we’re expecting a few foldable phones, with devices that will command a pretty steep premium to allow you to convert a small tablet to a phone by folding it.

Samsung will be one of the first companies to show off one of those for release to the world, and it will be doing it alongside its Galaxy S10 phones set for announcement on February 20 in America, which is February 21 in Australia.

In fact today, Samsung hinted at foldable phones at that launch yet one more time with a folding teaser it released called “The Future Unfolds”, found below.

That’s only around a week away, while another teaser adds a few more days, waiting until Mobile World Congress itself to launch another product.

This time the product is the next version of Microsoft’s augmented reality computer, the HoloLens, as device creator Alex Kipman (not to be confused with Australian tech commentator Alex Kidman) teased on Twitter with a small video on YouTube for when HoloLens 2 would be shown.

For those who haven’t seen it, HoloLens is basically the beginning of augmented reality computing, and helped pave the way for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality additions to Windows and those Mixed Reality headsets we’ve begun to see popping up.

HoloLens is a rather unique experience making augmented reality a little easier to build in by building a computer into a headset that you can see through, with an experience that is truly impressive.

The original unit did cost a pretty penny, however, making it not exactly the sort of thing everyone could get into.

We’re not quite sure what the next HoloLens will hold, but sufficed to say, based on what Kipman has linked to, it’s another gadget we’ll see at Mobile World Congress 2019.

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