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Samsung’s S10 set for announcement in February

Samsung could well have one of the first major phones of the year, as the Galaxy’s next model or two is set for announcement ahead of Mobile World Congress in late February.

Now might not be the best time to buy a Galaxy S9, unless you don’t mind getting something that’s about to be superseded.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ have been known about for almost a year, and that means it’s roughly time for a new model or two or three to surface, which is precisely what’s about to happen.

On February 20 in San Francisco — which will be February 21 in Australia — Samsung will show off the next generation of Galaxy S smartphones, with Samsung confirming as much this week.

Unsurprisingly, Samsung’s confirmation of the launch date hasn’t really given anything away, though Samsung has said that it will “unveil new devices that promise to usher in new Galaxy experiences based on 10 years of innovations”.

The rumours currently point to an evolution of what we’ve seen in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9+, with the new model likely getting three cameras at the back and that new punch-hole design on the front we saw both Samsung and Huawei show off phones with before 2018 ended.

As to what those other “new Galaxy experiences” will be, like us, you’ll just have to wait. February 21 can’t come soon enough.

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