Oppo offers customers free music on YouTube

YouTube Music comes in two styles: free or paid. But if you have an Oppo phone from the past year or two, you may qualify for a free version of the paid.

Like most people, we’re always keen to see value for customers, and when companies point out a bit of a freebie, we’ll take notice.

Oppo is doing that this week, striking up a bit of a deal with Google’s YouTube Music service, which launched last year.

A little like Spotify or Google Play Music, YouTube Music provides access to music and music videos on YouTube, and while it’s available in a free ad-supported mode, it also has a mode without ads, provided you pay for it.

But if you have an Oppo phone from the past couple of years, you may qualify for a free four months of YouTube Music.

The promotion is something that has popped up, and while it’s pretty clear that it’s being added for the Oppo Reno 5G and Oppo Reno 10x Zoom 4G models about to be released, it’s also being applied to other Oppo models, as well.

That means if you have an Oppo A-series phone, like the AX5 or AX7, an Oppo R-series like the R11s, R15 Pro or R17 Pro, or the Oppo Find X from last year, you’ll get four months of YouTube Music just for owning the phone.

There are a couple of terms and conditions worth paying attention to, such as how it only works for new customers, but you can find them at the Oppo website.

Essentially, though, if you own an Oppo phone, including those newly released Reno models, you’ll have a taste of a music service for four months potentially available.

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