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Next Samsung Galaxy Note announced August

Samsung has a big new phone coming, and it appears August is when it will show off what’s new in the world of the Note.

It’s been almost one year since Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 was shown to the world, and while that device grabbed a lot of attention with its big screen, big battery, and updated S-Pen that could fire the camera from like a cable release, it’s time for a new model to steal the show.

Yes, we’re in the back half of the year, which means new phone announcements are on the way, and it appears Samsung will be getting in first.

While IFA in late August is the time you can generally expect new phones, Samsung appears to be pre-empting the new announcements with its own, which may end up in three or four phones, just like during the Galaxy S10 announcement earlier in the year.

We’re not entirely sure how many Note models is enough, but given how we now have four Galaxy S10 variants — S10e, S10, S10+, and S10 5G — it wouldn’t shock us to see Samsung produce up to four versions of its Galaxy Note 10 for similar reasons.

As for what you can glean from the invite, obviously there’s a big play on the S-Pen stylus, which is a major part of what makes a Galaxy Note a “note”, but the centring of the camera just underneath the stylus tip suggests the hole punch display might no longer be on the right side.

Samsung’s decision to throw cameras on the right edge in the Galaxy S10 models has been one that has divided the community. While it clears up the front of the phone’s display, it also throws off the positioning, which has been known to bug people.

It’s not a look everyone appreciates, and we’re seeing centred cameras more often than most. Huawei and Oppo each rely on small notches that look like teardrops, Apple and Google use a small shelf notch, while Samsung opted for a right-side hole punch.

Given the invitation, it’s possible that Samsung will be moving the camera to the centre.

However with announcement happening on August 7 in the US — and August 8 in Australia — it won’t be long until we know for sure. If you’re thinking of buying a Galaxy Note 9 now, you might want to wait, because the Note 10 isn’t far away at all.

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