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JBL Tune 120TWS wireless and cordless earphones

JBL jumps into wireless in-ears for under $150

If you’re stuck between “cheap and cheerful” and spending up, JBL’s take on the truly wireless earphones could be worth considering.

Bluetooth earphones may not cost you an arm or a leg these days, but there is a difference between brands.

You can spend very little to get a brand you’ve never heard of, and spend a lot on one you have, but there are some pretty clear differences.

Fortunately, not every brand is commanding a massive spend, and we’re even seeing some of those long established players get into the inexpensive earphone world, too.

JBL has chimed in this week with a take on budget earphones, offering the Tune 120TWS, a pair of cordless and wireless earphones designed to be small, light, and relatively inexpensive, too.

The earphones themselves feature four hours of charge, with an extra 12 in the rechargeable case, and JBL says there’s a 5.8mm driver in each designed to provide more punch thanks to “JBL Pure Bass”, which should mean the earphones aren’t tinny like you might get in a typically cheap earphone.

Most interesting of all is the price, with the JBL Tune 120TWS fetching a recommended retail price of $149.95, making them some of the least expensive in-ears we’ve seen, and coming in under the typical $180 to $200 minimum wireless in-ears generally arrive with. We’ve definitely seen Bluetooth wireless earphones for under $100, but wireless and cordless for this sort of price tag is rare, only to be near the decent $169 BlueAnt Pump Air, the woeful $129 Cygnett FreePlay, and the capable $99 Trndlabs Nova.

Sufficed to say, inexpensive and truly wireless are two areas that rarely come together, so we’re definitely intrigued.

We’re looking to review these very shortly, but if you can’t wait for a review, you’ll find the JBL Tune 120TWS in stores now.

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