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Huawei Mate launch preview 2019

Huawei ready with 5G Kirin chip for new phones

It’s not just Samsung ready with a new 5G capable processor for phones, because Huawei has something ready, too.

The world is going 5G, and you only need to look at what big phones are doing to find out.

While next week will probably go by without Apple showing a 5G iPhone — current rumours are painting that for 2020, not this year — you can probably expect more 5G goodness from other manufacturers around the world, with chips delivering those advancements all in the one component.

Samsung announced its own Exynos with 5G this week, something we’ll expect to see in next year’s Samsung Galaxy S11 range, while this week, Huawei is using IFA 2019 to talk up its own take, the Huawei Kirin 990.

The new chip is built to be fast, with what the company says the fastest ever 5G processor, boasting download speeds of up to 2.3Gbps and uploads of up to 1.25Gbps, making it quite fast indeed.

It’s not just about fast 5G performance, with more features on the chip, as well. There’s support for AI-assisted computing thanks to Huawei’s Neural Processing Unit (NPU), as well as a good eight cores boasting high-speeds amidst power efficiency.

Plus Huawei is talking about an addition to the chip that improves image performance using hardware-based noise reduction to deliver better quality for a phone camera. Huawei is saying the Kirin 990 can handle video post-processing on the phone adjusting colour to images frame by frame to make video quality just that much better.

However, like the Exynos with 5G, Huawei’s new Kirin 990 processor isn’t necessarily exciting news until you can see what the chip will do with the phones it’s used in.

The good news is you won’t have to wait long, with Huawei advising that the next Mate range will be powered by the Kirin 990, with a launch later this month.

The question mark, however, is will Australia and much of the western world see them. With Huawei currently blocked by the US in using Google’s apps on new products, the upcoming Mate range would likely be affected, and thus western markets like Australia and America that are dependent on Google’s services in Android phones may not see them.

We’ll still have all the information on a launch as and when it happens, which right now is scheduled for September 19.

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