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Huawei Mate launch preview 2019

Huawei sets a date for the next Mate

With or without a resolution to its Android dilemma, it appears Huawei will be launching a new phone in September.

It has been an interesting year for Huawei. While the company released its best product so far with a camera that no phone has been able to beat yet, it hasn’t been without problems.

With the current US president engaging in a trade war with China, Huawei has been affected, being placed on a security list that forces American companies to not deal with it, which means Google has had to cut off one of the largest makers of Android smartphones in the world.

This problem hasn’t seen a solution, and while it has been slightly quelled for current Android devices, has meant Google could not officially provide Android to Huawei’s upcoming devices and unannounced devices.

It’s a dilemma that forces a bit of a question mark to hang over Huawei’s head, because it means owners of current Android devices may not be affected, not just yet anyway, but that future models may not officially see Android apps like Gmail and the Google Play Store until the problem is resolved.

That’s a problem when your phone’s experience tends to rely so much on these sorts of services, and when your customers are unlikely to consider a phone that goes without these.

However it seems we might just throw the dice to see what happens.

Barely a week after the iPhone or three are announced, Huawei is having an event, announcing on Twitter that September 19 will see the launch of the Huawei Mate 30 series in Munich.

Slightly different from the London launch last year, it appears the Mate will see a launch in a city beginning with “M”, and outside of a focus on cameras, we’re not quite sure what to expect.

The hope is that Google and Huawei will be able to solve this dilemma about Huawei’s hopes to use Android, but if it can’t, we may just see Huawei launch an Android-based phone — because it can use Android as an open-source operating system base for its EMUI operating system — but without Google apps — because it can’t use Google apps like Gmail, Google Play Store, and Google Photos unless the US trade restrictions are either removed or sorted out via some sort of a deal.

It’s hard to imagine a Huawei phone with stellar features being a tremendous success without access to the Google app and game ecosystem, but we may just have to wait and see what happens. There are a good three weeks for Google, Huawei, and the US government to sort out some sort of arrangement.

Regardless of what happens, September 19 is sure to be interesting.

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