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Sonos One gets colours courtesy of Danish Hay

For at least the past year, your choice of Sonos has been pretty black and white, but a Danish designer is adding a splash or two of colour.

Designing speakers for the home is hard enough at the best of times, but coming up with a colour scheme everyone is happy with usually means pushing the style back to basics.

We’re not used to seeing extravagant colours on speakers that don’t do traveling, and so the smart speakers meant for home are almost always in black, white, or grey, and occasionally with a smattering of textiles thrown in for good measure.

But not everyone is happy with the basics. While portable walkaround speakers from Sony, JBL, and Ultimate Ears often get the bright colours, it’s the ones at home which miss out, and not everyone is cool with that.

To that end, Danish design brand Hay is launching a special edition of the Sonos One speakers to Australians, offering five colour variations of the speaker in November.

“Design” might be stretching the word here, but Hay’s additions come with colours, shifting the white and black to red, pink, pale yellow, grey, and dark green, and potentially giving homes a little more oomph in look to go with the sound.

“With Hay, a company whose work we greatly respect and whose design
philosophy is aligned with our own, we found a partner with whom to explore the evolving role of sound as an architectural element in the home,” said Tad Toulis, Vice President of Design at Sonos.

We’re not sure there’s much difference on the design side of things, but some of these colours do look pretty neat, and it’s the first time we’ve seen Sonos embrace colours that aren’t just in black and white.

Hay’s Sonos One speaker is, unsurprisingly, identical to the standard Sonos One speakers, though does cost $50 extra for these colours, with the standard Sonos One fetching an RRP of $299, while the Hay edition costs $349 locally.

You’ll find it at the Hay store in Sydney and Cult Design in Melbourne later this month, with Sonos’ website the other place you can expect to find them.

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