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Samsung’s next chip gives hints for the S10

The next Samsung Galaxy flagship is only a few months away, and Samsung’s latest chip could just reveal some of the big features.

Next year doesn’t seem terribly far away, and while you’re probably thinking of holidays with friends and family before it, technology giants are thinking of the next big thing. They’re getting ready a new series of devices, even though you may have only upgraded recently.

These upcoming devices are still a little bit away, and you shouldn’t expect them until at least March or April, but we may have a hint or two as to what the big features will be, thanks in part to a connected announcement.

It’s usually a few months before releasing a new phone that Samsung details its new chips, not too dissimilar from how Huawei tends to announces new chips at IFA in September and then releases new phones that use them shortly thereafter.

And here we are with Samsung doing just that, at least for the chip side of things, announcing a new processor that going off the past will likely see inclusion in Samsung’s next phone.

The new chip is called the Exynos 9820, and it’s built to be 40 percent more power efficient and 20 percent better in single core performance, with new features along for the ride.

Hints to the Galaxy S10

Those features may offer a glimpse of what the Galaxy S10 is looking to bring, with the Samsung Exynos 9820 chip supporting 4G LTE speeds of up to 2Gbps down, making it a Category 20 4G device.

There are certainly Australian telcos that should make some of these hyperfast speeds possible, which literally translate to 250 megabytes per second.

Samsung’s Exynos 9820 also does some pretty neat things in the video world, able to capture 8K Ultra HD video, because the few people buying Samsung’s 8K TVs are going to want something to put on them.

The new chip can also talk to up to five camera sensors, possibly offering a glimpse into what Samsung plans to offer in its next Galaxy phone, while the display offers up to a 4K screen, potentially meaning Samsung will boost the resolution in the Galaxy S10.

Oh, and there’s also built-in support for artificial intelligence, something we’re sure Samsung will tie into Bixby somehow, though obviously this remains to be seen.

When will the Galaxy S10 arrive?

As for when you’ll see this new chip in a new phone, it’s definitely a 2019 sort of thing, but not expected until at least February.

That means you still have some time before the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are properly out of date, and chances are, there will be more features the chip doesn’t actually provide hints on. You can probably expect a more refined design, extending from what we’ve seen thus far in the S8 and S9, as well as something new and exciting from the camera side of things.

But it won’t happen until next year, and when it does, you can be sure Pickr will have all the info.

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