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Epic’s free-for-all “Fortnite” hits Android now (ish)

The big storage and battery are only one part of the festivities surround the Note 9’s launch this week, because there’s also a big game coming to Android, too.

There’s a new phone coming, and you can thank Samsung for that, but it’s not the only new thing announced today.

Epic Games, creators of the hit free game “Fortnite” have made a pretty big announcement, too: the game will finally be coming to Android phones and tablets, and given the timing, Samsung will be first.

While “Fortnite” has been the subject of recent controversy regarding whether games like it make kids more aggressive, the title will move beyond the iPhone, the iPad, and video game systems like the Nintendo Switch with this release, making its way to Android devices including those from Samsung, as well as a whole heap of others.

Representatives for Epic told Pickr that the list of supported phones and tablets included:

While that list isn’t entirely exhaustive, it does cover the phones available locally that can play “Fortnite”, with the game currently in beta. Epic has said it’s working on fixes for other phones, including HTC’s 10, the HTC U11, U12+, and Sony’s Xperia XZ and XZ2.

As for how the game will play, we’ve not yet tried, but we do know that Android and iOS players will be matched against each other, while players on other platforms — PC and video game console — won’t be matched directly with mobile players.

Interestingly, you won’t find this game in the Google Play Store, as it’s skipping Google’s Android app store. Instead, you’ll need to sign up to get an invite, and then you’ll install the app through an external link, so make sure to check those security settings when you do, as installing from external sources is usually blocked on all Android phones unless overridden.

If/when you sign up, you might be in for a wait, as Epic is releasing invites in waves, so if you don’t get one now, hold tight, it might be coming later.

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