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CommBank adds Samsung Pay to the mix

We’re not afraid to call out the banks when they’re not joining mobile payment standards, but when they do, it’s kind of like a PSA. And if you’re a CommBank owner with Samsung in your life, you have reason to be happy.

Only days ago, Samsung and the Commonwealth Bank decided to join up, as CommBank added support for Samsung Pay to its services.

That means there’s yet another option for CommBank customers, with Android Pay and Garmin Pay presently offered, and now Samsung Pay across Samsung phones and compatible Samsung wearables now in the mix as well.

While there’s still no Apple Pay supported at the Commonwealth Bank, its presence isn’t as supported at the major banking government institutions across Australia, working at ANZ, and then the smaller, Bank Australia, HSBC, ING, Macquarie, and Teacher’s Credit Union, as well as a few others, but only one of the big four banks in Australia.

Meanwhile, Samsung is now pushing up in the ranks, with three of the big four, supporting ANZ, Commonwealth, and Westpac, not to mention a lot of the little ones.

That’s good news for owners of Samsung gear, and customers of supported banks thinking of joining the ranks with the upcoming S9 and S9+.

If that’s you, good news, because you’ll have a mobile wallet option soon enough. And if not, well, just keep nagging your bank. We sure will.

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