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Amaysim aims to tempt with $60 for 60GB

Is this SMS real?

With the arrival of an SMS "informing" of a potential win, it's a good time to point out that scams don't really have a season, and are more a permanent year-round thing.

Using a smartphone

Facebook’s Fake Friends: why friends are being cloned

Social networking brings us together with people we'd love to stay in contact with, and keeps the communication going. But what happens when it seems your friends are cloned, and why do people pretend to be your friends? Who are the fake friends, and what's their purpose?

Microsoft announces the $649 Xbox One X as fastest console yet

The Wrap – June 16, 2017

Microsoft makes a meaty Xbox, Toshiba returns to TVs, a new type of malware makes for a better security case, and Sony's Xperia XA1 gets reviewed. This is The Wrap.

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