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Ring brings radar tracking to battery-based Video Doorbell Pro

The latest update to Ring’s battery-based video concierge for your door adds features previously exclusive to the wired model, making it ideal for renters and home owners alike.

Protecting your home has been made more possible with smart home security gear, but depending on what you buy, there tends to be a big difference between the technology you can hardwire into your home and the tech that needs a battery.

There are often great reasons why, most notably being the fact that wired devices have as much power as they could need on tap, and don’t have to worry about conserving life, as battery-based doorbells do.

However, eventually the tech from the wired model can come to the battery option, often providing those handy features as something new, and typically when manufacturers work out how. That might come from improvements to the battery, the technology powering those features, or even just minor changes that make all the difference.

And that may well be what’s happening with Ring’s Battery Video Doorbell Pro, an updated take on the Video Doorbell 4, which sees some of the tech from a wired model trickle down to the battery-based version.

Specifically, we’re talking about Ring’s use of radar technology, which was first announced back in 2021 with the wired Video Doorbell Pro 2, a model that sported radar tracking in a “bird’s eye view”, giving customers an aerial perspective on movement with the help of radar tracking. Granted, you had to wire your doorbell into your electricity, needing the help of an electrician in the process, likely because the power needs for the tech were so great.

Fast forward a few years and Ring appears to have solved that power dilemma with the Battery Video Doorbell Pro, a model that offers the bird’s eye tracking around your door, as well as 3D Motion detection for security events in front, as well as a few other things.

The Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro also includes some improvements to image processing to make colour night vision better, with sharper images across the board, plus an improved audio system that uses two microphones and a speaker to allow someone to talk through the doorbell when they’re not there or don’t want to come to the door.

Ring also notes the new doorbell works well with Alexa — which given Ring is owned by Amazon should probably come as no surprise — but still doesn’t offer support for Google’s smart home assistant as of yet.

However, the app is still where most of the control will be had, and that’s available on both of the major mobile operating systems, iOS and Android.

Through either one, you’ll find 1536p HD video, providing a top to bottom look that isn’t always widescreen and renders more square in vertical, providing a larger view of your front door, almost like looking through a peep hole in a door, except digital.

“With Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro we’re giving customers access to our most advanced motion detection technology yet, all with the convenience of being battery-powered,” said Mark Fletcher, Managing Director for Ring in the Asia Pacific region.

Ring’s addition to the line-up sees the Battery Video Doorbell Pro priced from $349 in Australia and $369 in New Zealand, with availability expected from March 20.

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