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Ring takes a more controlled look inside with Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera

Security cameras for the inside are typically fixed in one position, but what if you need to see more than one angle? Ring might have the answer.

There may well be different brands, different apps, different camera sensors, and even the odd different feature or two, but there’s one consistent part of every security camera we see: angle. More or less every security camera released for consumers is fixed at one angle, namely the one you set them up in.

Grab a security camera, set it up on a table or mount it to the wall, and that is the angle that you’re capturing. You can move it around in its position using physical force and change the angle, but you need to be next to the camera to do so. It’s not the sort of thing you can just use an app to do.

Ring appears keen to change that with a new model, the Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera, which more or less does what it says in the name, panning and tilting to capture more than just the one angle.

The camera is an indoor-only camera, so won’t exactly handle the water resistance needed for wet weather, and needs to remain plugged into power to work. However, it includes a manual privacy cover and a motorised based to let the camera pan left and right, as well as tilting up and down, supporting as much as 360 degrees of panning and 169 degrees of tilting.

While Ring’s introduction of the Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera is new, this type of camera actually isn’t, arriving in other “PTZ” or “Pan-Tilt-Zoom” cameras. We’ve seen one from Canon in the past, and while that wasn’t so much a security camera, pan-tilt-zoom cameras have been in security for some time, even if consumer brands haven’t typically embraced them.

This move is a little bit different for Ring, and one that connects well with the camera, as movement is a key part of the Ring camera. It also offers features other Ring Doorbell models include, such as real-time motion alerts, live view from the camera, and two-way talk, so you can talk to people through the speaker. If it had crying alerts, it would sound like an idea way to keep tabs on a baby, but this doesn’t appear to be a baby monitor of sorts.

“The new Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera is the perfect solution to capture every angle with one device, whether you are a pet owner who wants to pan around the living room to check on their furry friend, or someone who wants to cover multiple hallways and doorways,” said Mark Fletcher, Managing Director for Ring in the Asia Pacific region.

Ring’s Pan-Tilt Indor Camera is heading to online stores at the end of May for $129, arriving alongside new colours for its $99 stationary Indoor Camera.

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