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Malware on the increase targeting all manner of things

It seems there’s no escape from the dangers of the web, as Kaspersky confirms malware is hunting practically everything.You’ve seen it on computers, on tablets, and even on phones, and as bad as malware like the ransomware affecting the world as Petya can get, it’s also not the end.According to new research from the security boffins at Kaspersky Lab, malware in the wild is increasing, and with more than 7000 examples targeting smart devices, it’s likely going to get worse.Computers running operating systems like…

How do you spot malware or ransomware?

Everyone uses the internet, and everyone knows about viruses, but why is it that so many people are still getting fooled by the modern equivalent of internet viruses? We're exploring that in this question, as we ask a question few seem to know the answer to.