Whether it's 4K TVs, 4K cameras, 4K security systems, or 4K projectors, we're talking about gadgets that offer the resolution of Ultra HD 4K, typically matched to 3840x2160.

The remote of the Sony Bravia X90J

Sony Bravia XR X90J 4K TV reviewed

Not every TV is going to be an OLED, and next on our review list is the Sony Bravia X90J, bringing full array backlighting and a processor built to understand what you watch. Does it work?

The Wrap – Phones, Passwords, and Plenty of Tech

This week on The Wrap, plunge into a playground beginning with the letter "P", as we look at phones, passwords, and plenty of technology that doesn’t start with "P". From TVs to computers to vacuums, scales, and more, this is a pretty packed Wrap.

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