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Hisense readies big screens for less in 2024 TV line-up

The amount you pay for a massive screen is falling, as Hisense’s approach to TV democratisation means prices are truly coming down.

It’s near the middle of April, and TV changeover season has well and truly hit, as TV makers deliver new models to stores across Australia, and last year’s older models say sayoonara before heading back to the warehouse, possibly for selling at a lower price for folks who want them.

TV changeover season is pretty consistent in Australia, occurring between March and May, and with LG using March to detail its new TVs and Samsung doing so this week, it’s now time for one of Australia’s other big TV brands to deliver the goods for folks who might perhaps want a third or fourth option.

Up next is Hisense, launching a range of 2024 TVs to Australia ahead of Sony, which will now clearly be option number four if slash when it does.

Hisense’s approach will continue its approach to accomodate several price points, covering sizes running from 32 inches to a staggering 110, with technological differences through the models.

“Our 2024 TV range is a true testament to the ongoing research and development into the technology that truly sets our adaptive home entertainment offering apart,” said Gideon Lui, Head of Marketing at Hisense in Australia and New Zealand.

“We are incredibly proud to announce our new 2024 TV range as the best-performing and most premium fit for the modern Australian home,” he said.

At the low-end, Hisense will have the Q6N, TVs that start at 43 inches for $799, offering quantum dot LED-backlit panels in TVs for relatively low prices, with a 65 inch screen costing $1299 and 85 inches for $2799. There will even be a 100 inch Q7N quantum dot LED-backlit TV for $5999 in May.

A little higher is the U6N (above), a model that sees Mini-LED backlighting technology with a 4K panel, starting at $1299 for a 55 inch and costing as much as $3499 for an 85 inch variation.

Moving up again is the U7N, which combines Mini-LED with Hisense’s ULED combination of technologies, covering over 300 dimming zones in sizes ranging from 55 inches ($1599) to 100 inches ($6999).

Hisense U7N

Slightly more impressive, the U8N will triple the dimming zones with over 1000, use Hisense’s Mini-LED pro technology, and add a built-in subwoofer and upfiring speakers in the design, as well as a new look for the range.

It’ll start in a 65 inch TV for $2699, while a 75 inch U8N will cost $3699 and 85 inches for $4999.

Hisense U8N

Finally, there’ll be a high-end generation, too, coming in the UX.

Slightly different again, this will sport Hisense’s most premium Mini-LED stack, something it calls Mini-LED X which includes 20,000 backlights and over 5000 dimming zones. It joins another feature called “Dynamic X Display”, which like Samsung’s S95 OLED TV cuts back on reflection and glare to make it easier to watch at home.

There’s also 4.1.2 sound in the TV, including a subwoofer and two upfiring speakers, and like most other TVs, there’s AI to help with the upscaling.

Hisense’s UXAU will start at $3999 for a 55 inch model, while a 65 inch will cost $4999, with a 75 inch at $8999. A staggering 110 inch Hisense UX will arrive later on, but the price has yet to be determined.

Much of the range in general will see release in May, with the U7N first to stores this month, followed by the rest after.

Hisense’s 2024 UXAU
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