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Samsung’s S95D OLED cuts back on glare with new tech

OLED and glare often go together like chocolate and milk, but Samsung has a technology on a new TV aimed to fix that.

It’s March, and if you’re a regular reader of Pickr (or even a listener through some of the radio appearances), you may well know what that means: TV changeover time.

Yes, it’s time for TV manufacturers to start sending the gear they announced at CES back in January to stores so regular folks can see and experience them for themselves. Experiencing a TV is also known as “auditioning”, and for Samsung’s latest technology, it may well actually be a requirement.

A part of Samsung’s 2024 OLED TVs, it is introducing an anti-glare coating, which isn’t so much a new technology but a new layer for the S95 OLED, combining anti-glare and anti-reflection properties to reduce glare in bright rooms, something OLED isn’t always known to deal with well.

The S95 OLED features a new processor inside for handling the brightness and colour, and includes Pantone-validated HDR OLED, as well, all in a screen that measures 11.2mm thick.

It won’t necessarily be inexpensive, with the 55 inch Samsung 4K S95D priced from $4640 for a 55 inch TV, while the 65 inch will cost $5800 and a big 77 inch model for $9281.

The S95 OLED is the first of Samsung’s 2024 range of TVs, which is expected in the next few weeks, but this one is hitting stores from this week.

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