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Will a 2022 iPhone SE case fit the 2020 iPhone SE?

There’s a new generation of the iPhone SE in 2022, but will it fit the cases of the old generation from 2020?

If you’re thinking of buying a 2022 iPhone SE, you might just be wondering whether old cases fit the new model. After all, saving money is always a good thing, and typically the cases of older phones tend to be less expensive because they’re, well, older.

In the world of phones, older gadgets often invite lower price tags, and the same is true of older accessories, too, but with the 2022 iPhone SE, you mightn’t see much change at all.

Even though the 2022 iPhone SE is the third generation of the iPhone SE, it actually uses the same chassis as the second generation, the 2020 iPhone SE.

An identical body and build means that the 2022 iPhone SE will fit into any case made for the 2020 iPhone SE, but that you also might not see price drops on older cases because they’ll be the same.

While the chip inside the new iPhone SE for this year is different and there’s support for 5G, almost everything else is the same, with an identical body between the two models, which means the cases are the same.

That’s great news if you have an iPhone SE case and want to keep using it with the new model, or even if you have a 2020 model you want to keep using and find a case made for the 2022 model.

Will the 2022 iPhone SE fit in an iPhone 8 case?

A little older but still based on the same body design, iPhone 8 cases will very likely fit a 2022 iPhone SE case due to the similarities.

Even though the hardware is different under the hood, the physical sizes, camera placement, and port positions should match up identically, almost five years on from the release of the iPhone 8.

Technically, the 2022 iPhone SE is an updated iPhone 8 (a very updated iPhone), which is good news if you go looking for iPhone 8 cases on a budget.

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