Can a Galaxy Note 8 case fit my Galaxy Note 9?

Another year, another Note, and the sizes are pretty close, so does that mean you can just use the old case on the new handset?

It can, but you shouldn’t. Here’s why:

With the release of the Note 9, the Galaxy Note 8 is old stock, and that means the Note 8 cases are also old stock, and technically can be found for lower prices. Moreso, the designs are similar, with a glass body wrapping around an aluminium frame, and only a skerrick of an obvious spec’d size difference, with a screen that is 0.1 inch bigger.

But it’s not just that. There are some differences that prevent a Note 8 case from working effectively on the Note 9.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 with a Galaxy Note 8 case

For starters, the thickness is 0.2mm thicker on the Note 9, which changes the dimensions ever so slightly, so slightly that you won’t notice it, but the case made for the Note 8 probably will, and hugs that design extra tightly.

You may not realise it, but the button location on the sides has changed as well, with these shifting ever so slightly. That means the sections for the buttons on the Galaxy Note 8 cases don’t line up to where they would on the Galaxy Note 9, and so these cases end up pressing on the wrong buttons.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 with a Galaxy Note 8 case
There’s a good reason why the Note 8 case won’t work properly with the Galaxy Note 9: the buttons don’t line up properly.

The placement of the fingerprint sensor on the back is also different, with the Note 8 sitting alongside the camera, while the Note 9 places it underneath. That means your Note 9 case won’t have the section carved out for you to press your finger against, and means, sadly, a Note 8 case will not support your fingerprint when used with the Note 9.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 with a Galaxy Note 8 case
It fits. Kind of. But also not.

We also found the Galaxy Note 8 case hugged our Galaxy Note 9 a little too much, and caused a reset at least once, giving us doubt that this is a good idea.

So the short answer on if the Note 8 cases can support the Note 9 is an unsteady “yes”.

But the longer and more resolute answer is a firm “yes, but also mostly no”, and if you’re feeling like you can save money with a Note 8 case rather than opt for the newer Note 9, it’s probably not worth it. Just get the new case.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 with a Galaxy Note 8 case
The Galaxy Note 9 fits in a Note 8 case, but it also doesn’t. It won’t close, and some of the buttons won’t work. We’d say the cases are incompatible. Just get the Note 9 case.

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