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ABC Queensland Afternoons: Radar doorbells

How much protection does your front door have? If you’re thinking of upgrading the doorbell, your next one could have radar in it. Find out why with Leigh Stark on the ABC.

By the end of March, home owners and renters alike could upgrade their front door to provide something more than just a video doorbell.

While the video-connected doorbell is still a relatively new technology having been introduced in 2016, the category is getting an update with radar technology, providing a clearer understanding of who comes onto a property alongside video footage.

How does this work, and are their potential privacy issues? To answer these questions and more, Pickr’s editor Leigh Stark joins ABC Brisbane’s Kat Feeney to talk all about Ring’s radar doorbell on the way to Australia.

Hear it at the ABC while it’s still live (because ABC takes down its radio show episodes a week or two after publishing), and fast forward to the 2 hour 49 minute mark (2:49) to tune in.

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