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Samsung widens gamer OLED with 2024 Odyssey screens

OLED is coming to a wider view, as Samsung’s goes ultra wide with its 2024 Odyssey G9 gaming monitors.

If you’ve ever been to an IMAX theatre, you know all too well that the right screen can draw you in and totally immerse you in a picture. It’s part of why so many people buy a big TV in the first place, because a bigger screen can feel like it swallows you whole, absorbing you as you watch.

Even with the biggest screens, we can’t typically recreate that level of screen immersion at home, though you can definitely try. And it can make a difference for games.

When you’re interacting directly with what’s happening on screen, the bigger and wider the display, the more you’re going to see. Curve that screen, and your eyes will taken in even more at once, allowing them to scan what’s happening on a massive screen in a faster time.

It’s why some of the best gaming screens are very wide and curved, and why Samsung’s upcoming displays will continue this trend in the 2024 Odyssey range.

Announced for CES 2024, three screens are on the way, all of which will use OLED as the underlying technology, with the curved ultra-wide option left for the premium Odyssey G9 OLED only, while two new models will be flat and slightly smaller in the Odyssey OLED G8 and G6.

As the numbers count down, so too do the sizes, with the G9 offering a 49 inch ultra-wide curved OLED experience running 5120×1440 at a 32:9 aspect ratio, while the Odyssey OLED G8 is a 32 inch 4K 3840×2160 screen, and the Odyssey OLED G6 is a 27 inch 2560×1440 display.

They’ll all support a glare-free technology to cut back on reflections and keep the visuals focused, and they’ll also include two HDMI 2.1 ports, a DisplayPort, and a USB hub, because your monitor isn’t just a screen, but a place to plug in a keyboard and mouse if you choose to.

Samsung is also including support for the SmartThings Hub for whole home integration complete with support for a smart home’s use of Matter, but only in the G8 and G9 models. Both of these screens will also get the Samsung Smart TV platform found on Samsung’s M monitors, as well, meaning direct gaming from Xbox Cloud Gaming is possible simply by connecting a game pad without even bringing a computer.

No word on pricing or availability in Australia yet, but as with all things CES, we don’t really expect to hear about it until later in the new year, as well. Australians did get to see the super premium Samsung Odyssey Ark, however, so we’d say there’s a strong chance this new range of Odyssey screens will be earmarked for Australia, as well.

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