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Hisense shrinks its TriChroma laser projector for more rooms in the home

Big projectors need space and a dedicated screen, but a small projector can be used around the home. And that’s precisely what Hisense’s latest is for.

The idea of a big screen movie experience is something so many people leave for the cinema, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Somewhere between the excitement of big TVs and projectors falling in price, the dream of having your own big screen is becoming more and more real for more people.

This year, that dream could be even closer, as Hisense finds a way to make its three-colour laser technology more home friendly, particularly for people who mightn’t need a proper projection screen and just want the power and quality of the regular laser projector in a smaller space.

To assist with that, Hisense is announcing the C1 TriChroma Laser Mini Projector, a model Hisense says has been specifically engineered for the Australian market, and incorporates the same three-colour laser technology Hisense uses on its bigger models.

Tipping the scales at just under 5 kilograms, the C1 is a relatively portable laser projector sporting a 4K picture that can render an image sized from between 65 and 300 inches. Or to put it in metric, the C1 can render a screen sized from 1.65 metres to 7.62, depending on how far back you position the projector.

Onboard is an auto-adjustment technology to get the picture’s alignment, focus and keystone right, and support for Dolby Atmos is also onboard thanks to a speaker system worked on in collaboration with JBL.

There’s no battery as far as we know and you will need to keep the C1 plugged in to use it, making it more for around the home rather than a portable projector for camping. However, it does support an eARC port, meaning plugging in a soundbar should be easy should you want to update the sound. Hisense is also including its VIDAA U smart TV operating system, so it’ll be more or less ready for video out of the box.

Pricing on the C1 Laser Mini Projector hasn’t been announced yet, but Hisense does say it is coming to Australia, expected in March this year.

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