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Dyson’s Supersonic r revamps the hair dryer for pros

A new hair dryer from Dyson is on the way, and it’s not only made to look different, but is smaller and lighter, as well.

It’s been seven years since Dyson entered the hair care space, and in that time, the company has made waves with its scientific approach to hair drying and styling.

Heating with clever air control for its Supersonic hair dryer kicked it off, followed by scientific approaches with the Coanda effect used in its Airwrap combination hair dryer and styler have helped the air specialist become famed in beauty and styling. Both add to the clever technology offered in vacuums, hand drying, and lighting on offer from the brand, all of which aim to improve the categories in ways other brands mightn’t have considered.

Seven years is a long time between gadgets, though, and you can usually expect to see differences in technological releases for that time period.

So what has seven years brought Dyson? It turns out a new way to dry hair focused on professional stylists.

This week, Dyson announced the “Supersonic r”, with the lowercase letter named for the shape it offers, which looks a little like a periscope or the lowercase letter r.

Inside that shape, Dyson has managed to pack in a streamlined version of the Supersonic technology, made to be 30 percent smaller and 20 percent lighter, while the shape is also made to let stylists move around more freely. Inside, the heater is a new version, made to be small and light, while also providing even, balanced heat, controlled by a temperature sensor measuring 20 times a second to prevent extreme heat damage, the company says.

There’s a little bit more technology here, too, with the accessories using radio sensors to automatically change the motor and heater to switch the airflow and temperature so stylists can get the right control needed super fast.

“Our in-depth professional stylist trials, research and insights informed the intuitive adjustments on the Dyson Supersonic r professional hair dryer,” said Amy Johnson, Global Head of Hair Care Artistry at Dyson.

“This part of the development journey has allowed Dyson to provide professionals with an agile and adaptive tool that responds to real world demands, delivering superior styling experience and results,” she said.

As creative as the Supersonic r looks, it’s unlikely to be the sort of gadget found in the homes of folks looking for a new hair dryer. Rather, Dyson is targeting this new model for professional stylists specifically, and may come with a price to match.

What that price is, Dyson hasn’t said, but given the original Supersonic still fetches a recommend retail price of $649 (with street pricing closer to $549) and this new model is even more advanced, we don’t expect it will be cheap.

For folks who are interested, Dyson has a waitlist for the Supersonic r, with availability expected later this year.

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