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Dyson’s Solarcycle Morph light is built to adjust to day, age, mood

A new Dyson desk light could just change how you view light in your office, and it’ll vary based on a bunch of factors.

How we all choose to work and where can differ greatly, but we’re all reliant on one basic thing: light.

You can’t glance down at your keyboard without it, even if the amount of light from your display is often bright enough to light it up in the first place.

While many of us can touch type, getting a good amount of light in a comfortable way often means switching on overhead lights or setting up a desk lamp, with the humble light often the one desktop accessory we’re not thinking about. It’s just not that big a deal to most of us, especially when an overhead light will do the job.

But what if your light could do more? What if it could adapt to the changing colour temperature of the sun or even your age, adjusting to help your eyes through the day and your life?

That’s the rough idea behind a Dyson development for desks coming in the Solarcycle Morph Desk Light, a concept that looks like it continues Dyson’s journey with work lights started with the CSYS several years ago.

While the Solarcycle Morph lacks the complex counterweight pulley design, it comes with its own complexities, providing a four-in-one light solution, working as a task light, feature light, indirect light, and even an ambient lighting solution.

Definitely more eccentric than your regular desk lamp and imbued with a totally different personality than Pixar’s Luxo lamp, the Dyson Solarcycle Morph is named because of its ability to morph between formats. The head pivots and rotates, while other joints move, too, allowing the lamp to change its design to suit a need.

For instance, as a task light, the Solarcycle Morph can have its light head aimed at a surface, just like any other directional work lamp would. It can also be aimed at something in particular, making it into a feature light for your home. That ability to position the light means you can aim the Morph up, which will bounce light off a ceiling, or if you have a nearby wall, aim it at that.

And then there’s the ambient light, which allows you to move the light head so that it aims down the barrel of the lamp’s stem, creating a warm glowing light, ideal for the evening.

Lighting positions are only part of what makes the Solarcycle Morph interesting, because there’s also that “Solarcycle” part of the name.

The desk lamp will vary colour temperatures and use a proprietary daylight tracking algorithm from Dyson to adjust three warm LEDs and three cool LEDs, changing the colour of light to suit the day. Dyson goes a little further with support for the MyDyson app, which can be configured for preset lighting modes such as “boost”, “wake-up”, and “relax”, and even corrects brightness based on age, because different age groups have different light requirements based on age changes. It won’t connect to WiFi like the Dyson air multiplying fans, but it’s a lamp so it might not need to.

“With the Dyson Solarcycle Morph, our aim was to challenge the fundamental conventions of contemporary artificial lighting and find a solution,” said Jake Dyson, Chief Engineer for Dyson.

“So we developed a light that tracks natural day light and intelligently transforms for different uses – providing the right light, at the right time, precisely where it’s needed,” he said.

If the idea sounds like the sort of peripheral your desk needs, you might want to get out a wallet that isn’t shy. In Australia, the Dyson Solarcycle Morph is set for a recommended retail price of $899, possibly making it one of the more pricey lamps around.

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