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Amazon adds Xbox to Fire TV for console-less gaming

Don’t own an Xbox? No worries. Provided you own a recent supported TV or media device, you can play without, with Amazon supporting the tech, too.

The era of needing to own a console to play console games is gradually ending, as console makers embrace the online world of the cloud.

We started seeing it a few years ago when Microsoft dabbled in Xbox Cloud Gaming, a concept that initially supported web browsers and Android, but since then, it has been growing. Samsung TVs can handle the tech, Macs and PCs, and even the Meta Quest VR headsets.

If you don’t have a supported Samsung TV, you’re probably not going to play Xbox without owning a physical Xbox, but that looks set to change for owners of Amazon’s media stick, the Fire TV Stick 4K.

From July, the Fire TV Stick 4K and 4K Max will support Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in Australia, with Xbox controllers working on a Fire TV Stick via Bluetooth, essentially making gaming that little bit more accessible.

You’ll still need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to go with the Fire TV Stick and game controller, as that’d the service you’re essentially signing into. However, once you have both, you’ll be able to jump into Xbox gaming without necessarily needing to own a physical Xbox console.

“We’re committed to bringing the best entertainment experiences to our customers through Fire TV – and with this collaboration, we’re thrilled that our offering will soon include a top-tier cloud gaming option from Xbox,” said Patrick Walker, Country Manager for Amazon Devices in Australia and New Zealand.

“With the Xbox app coming to select Fire TV devices, customers can enjoy access to a vast library of high-quality games, allowing them to play amazing titles without the need for a console,” he said.

“We’re excited to make gaming more accessible by giving customers even more ways to play the games they love, wherever they are, with just a compatible Fire TV Stick, Bluetooth controller, and Game Pass Ultimate membership.”

Interestingly, Amazon’s Fire TV sticks should play nicely with any Bluetooth controller in the Xbox app, which means either an Xbox controller or even one made for a Sony PlayStation 5, such as the DualSense controllers they come with. It means if you already own a PS5 but not an Xbox, you might be able to grab a Fire TV Stick and play with your PlayStation controller, all without buying an Xbox at all.

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