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UE is back with an EpicBoom Bluetooth speaker

If it feels like Ultimate Ears hasn’t had a new speaker in ages, you’re not alone. But something new has popped up recently.

It’s not just Sonos with a new portable speaker, as Logitech’s Ultimate Ears brand offers something new, as well.

That alone can feel like a bit of a rarity, because even though the UE Boom’s cylindrical water resistant speaker clearly inspired much of what’s out there, the range of UE speakers haven’t seen much change beyond the aesthetics. When you see a new UE Boom variant in the past few years, it’s almost always been from having a new look with a different style and such.

A new UE speaker is rare, it seems, as Logitech keeps with the phrase: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix.

But that doesn’t mean Ultimate Ears can’t add to the range.

And that’s what UE is set to do shortly, launching the “EpicBoom”, which Ultimate Ears stylises in all caps, but we won’t because we typically don’t like to shout at our readers.

Aside for the capitalised name, UE’s EpicBoom takes on more of an ovular design not out of kilter from what we saw in the Google Nest Audio, except portable with a battery inside.

The speaker will use the same approach that made the other UE Booms successful, with a 360 degree speaker and Bluetooth, bringing IP67 water resistance to the package, making it practically waterproof, dust-proof, and still floatable, the latter of which makes it handy for the pool.

If the EpicBoom sounds like more of the same, UE is making some changes, including an internal microphone to balance the sound and tweak the equaliser.

UE’s Boom app will also include some preset equalisers, including some made for bass, gaming, and a “deep relaxation” mode, while the PartyUp feature will allow multiple Boom speakers to connect up.

Also different this time is the use of materials, which sees the EpicBoom made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester and a minimum of 59 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, keeping the green credentials up.

It’s also bigger than most of the Boom range except for maybe the UE HyperBoom, boasting a 4.6 inch woofer and a serious $499.95 price tag in Australia. You can expect to find it in stores later this month across the country as well as online.

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