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Ultimate Ears splashes colour on the Boom 3

Even though speakers come in a wide variety of colours, they can look a little same-same. A recent take by Ultimate Ears aims to offer a more personal take.

Like computers, speakers have moved on from the days of beige and black, or entirely those shades, and you can now find them in a dizzying assortment of colours.

Portable speakers can be found in numerous sizes, of course, and while they come in small to big to a “Say Anything” boombox style that you can use to convince your partner to come back to you, they also can attract attention with red and pinks and blues, and yes, even a black.

What you can’t generally do is paint them the way you want to.

It’s not that speakers aren’t paintable, it’s just that they’re more often than not customisable in colour and style, at least not from the factory, as you typically buy the speaker from the store in the colour you want, and that’s it.

If you’re looking for a particular style to make your speaker different, and potentially stand out from a speaker from your friend, you may actually have that chance, provided you’re happy with a speaker from Ultimate Ears.

About a year after the launch of the Boom 3, Ultimate Ears has built an online studio experience to let people customise a Boom 3 speaker as part of its “MyBoom Studio”, essentially a website to let you dive through colours, patterns, and fabrics that can make a Boom 3 speaker a little more unique and interesting.

The colours on the system are all that you have to work with, and Ultimate Ears confirmed that while you can customise the colours and patterns on a speaker, it’s only the ones Ultimate Ears has supplied. That means you can’t upload a picture of your child and stretch that around the cylinder that makes the speaker.

However you can make something fairly unique, which could make it a neat present, especially since it will technically be one of a kind, though still inclusive of Boom 3 features, including 360 degree sound, IP67 water resistance, and support for other Ultimate Ears Boom speakers with otherwise ordinary designs.

“Our speakers have always reflected the unique styles of our listeners, but up until today, our fans were limited with the colour and design options we made available to them,” said Charlotte Johs, General Manager for Ultimate Ears.

“With MyBoom 3, we’ve created this enjoyable and unique design studio where music enthusiasts can show their creativity and give their favorite Ultimate Ears Boom 3 speaker a truly personalised look and feel,” she said.

Pricing for the Ultimate Ears MyBoom 3 is $199.95 and can only be found at the MyBoom website because of the customisation, which is the same as the RRP for the Boom 3, but not street price. Currently, the street price for the Boom 3 is closer to $130, making it a good $70 premium if you want a customisable Boom speaker.

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