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Sony PlayStation 5

Sony (finally) brings in more PS5 consoles

With an update to the PlayStation VR on the way and an absolute lack of consoles, Sony is finally bolstering supply.

It’s been an interesting two years if you’ve tried to get a PlayStation 5, because “tried” is easily the operative word.

We last reviewed the PS5 at the beginning on 2021, and by that time, it had been out for several months. In fact, the PlayStation 5 has been available since late 2020, making it over two years since launch of Sony’s next-gen console.

While it has been out for some time, availability of the hardware has not been easy, or particularly friendly to customers. Stock has not been common or plentiful, and it disappears just as quickly as it reappears.

But with a new model PlayStation VR on the way this year, Sony appears to be ready with stock, with a spokesperson telling Pickr that:

“We are quickly increasing PS5 inventory across all markets on a continuous, rolling basis. Getting more PS5 consoles into customers’ hands is our top focus.”

The news comes before the PSVR2 arrives in late February, and also a new DualSense Edge wireless controller for the console which has recently launched.

Sony wouldn’t say many consoles it was getting in regularly, but it does suggest that stock should be plentiful enough that it might be a little easier to find from now on.

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