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Sony sets a staggering price for PS VR2 in 2023

Sony’s sequel to its PlayStation VR headset has a date and a price, but if you aren’t patient or have plenty of money spare, you may not be happy.

There’s another stab to Sony’s virtual reality console experiment on the way, and it’s one that has been in the works for quite some time. While Sony still appears to be having a time getting PlayStation 5 stock up, it won’t be stopping there, and it’s full-steam ahead on new hardware coming for the excellent console, provided you can find one.

This week, Sony announced the price for its PlayStation VR2, a headset that’ll boast a high-end headset supporting 2000×2040 pixels per eye, a motion sensor, vibration on the headset, infrared cameras for tracking the eyes, and cameras built inside the headset for tracking the headset and controllers… and it’s not going to be cheap.

The PlayStation 5 itself may be scarce, but thanks to price rises in August, it’ll cost a minimum of $649.95 for the digital edition and $799.95 for the Blu-ray version, and yet 2023’s VR headset will cost even more.

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 won’t work without the PlayStation 5, but provided you have one, the PlayStation VR2 has an Australian price of $879.95 without a game, while $959.95 will be the cost coming with Horizon: Call of the Mountain. In short, this thing will not be cheap.

Sony is still targeting a 2023 release date, with keen Aussies set to see the PS VR2 headset from February 22 2023, but it has said pre-orders will kick off this year from November 15.

As to whether Sony will have enough stock of the PS VR2 headset for launch, that remains to be seen, but in that time, we’re just hoping Sony ramps up production to keep eager PS5 customers happy enough that they can find a console, which is still largely in pre-order status due to shortages across the country.

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