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Santa tracking apps up and ready for Xmas 2023

If the kids are staying up late or even getting up early, track Santa with an app and the internet.

With mere hours until the man in red takes to the sky, you might be wondering how you can use technology to see him delivering presents.

Thanks to the power of apps, the internet, and a little bit of magic and fun, anyone with practically any phone, tablet, or computer can get to Santa tracking, an idea that’s handled by a few services.

Santa tracking isn’t quite a new thing, and technically harks back to an accidental call to an American air defence system in 1955, but has since grown into something we write about regularly, with apps and websites that can help you do just that: monitor where Santa Claus is and how quickly he’s spreading his presents.

While Airservices Australia has reportedly prepared Santa’s flight path across the country, around the world, Mr. Claus will be tracked by two services that pop up every year:

  • NORAD Tracks Santa, and
  • Google’s Santa Tracker

Both offer a website with more than just the tracking system, with the former from NORAD offering apps and a few extra activities, while the latter from Google offers quite a few cartoony games to play ahead of time.

However, they’ll also both do the same thing: track Santa using a mapping system and allow you to see where in the world he is.

You don’t need much more beyond a device and the energy to stay awake past midnight, but if you wake up the next morning bright and early, you may be able to login and see where Santa is delivering elsewhere in the world.

You mightn’t end up seeing him cross into your home, though; the last time we tried to use a Santa camera, he moved at the rate of a blur. Yikes!

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