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Nothing readies earphone sequel in Ear (2)

Transparent noise cancelling earphone tech is likely getting a sequel, as Nothing does what Nothing does well and hints at its next gadget.

Hyping a gadget typically comes with a bit of fanfare, and sometimes a cryptic clue.

When Apple gives us a taste of what’s to come, there’s often a hidden message, and even if there isn’t, we may look for one and make big, bold guesses. Samsung’s hints are usually more direct, such as spotlights in the dark suggesting big news for its smartphone camera configuration.

Nothing is far more direct, and with a teaser for the next couple of weeks, we’re pretty sure we know what is coming.

Simply put, there’s a new generation of the Ear headphones coming, which started life in 2021’s Ear (1), and by the end of the month will have an Ear (2). Our guess is these will be a new and improve noise cancelling pair of earphones with similar aesthetics, though it’s entirely possible that two years on we’ll see something crazy and different, too.

Time will tell, so stay tuned.

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