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Apple hints at new speedy gear with a March event

There’s new Apple devices on the way, meaning if you were thinking of buying an iPhone, iPad, or even a Mac, you might just want to wait.

Technology is always changing, and there are updates all the time. It’s next to impossible to stay ahead, but one way to get close is to wait for the latest technology and buy when it’s out.

And to do that, you typically need to pick when you’re going to buy, waiting for the right moment, often when the announcements are being made.

Like next week.

Apple has this week chimed in that there will be an announcement next week, ending weeks of speculation about when the next Apple announcement will be, because it will be March 8 in the US, or March 9 in Australia.

As with all Apple announcements, there’s a teaser for the event with the words “Peek performance”, as distinct to the usual spelling of that phrase “peak performance”. That’s suggestive that Apple is set to give us a glimpse of the next generation of performance for its systems, which could mean the announcement of a new variant of Apple’s Silicon computer chip, the M2.

The likely follow-up to 2020’s M1 chip seen in the M1 MacBook Air, M1 MacBook Pro 13, M1 Mac Mini, and M1 iMac 24, the M2 is expected for a new generation of MacBook Air and Mac Mini, to name a few, though we’re not expecting release until closer to the middle of the year, when Apple is expected to run its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC 2022.

However, that doesn’t mean the March 9 Apple event will be small.

We’re also expecting a new generation of the iPhone SE, a good two years on from the previous revamp, while the 2020 iPad Air is the last model to need an update, missing out on the Centre Stage feature that’s been rolled out to very other iPad since. As such, you can expect an iPad Air at the March event.

It’s entirely possible those new Macs will be announced alongside, but with so many devices possibly seeing a launch, it might be an idea just to hold off on purchases for a week. You’d hate to buy something only to have it be quickly out of date in that time, so stay tuned.

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