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Motorola, Pantone come together for limited Edge 30 Fusion

Bright and vibrant phones don’t come along all the time, but if you’re a fan of Pantone’s colour of the year, there’s a limited edition Moto on the way.

Even though a lot of phones out there follow drab and boring phone colours, they don’t always have to. There are plenty of mobiles in reds and blues and greens and yellow, and even purple thanks in part to the number of colours Apple releases in its iPhone range, but things aren’t always the same over in Camp Android.

Black is one of the biggest “choices” available there, with the occasional sprinkling of silver, grey, or gold, and you might find some brighter colours for premium handsets, too.

Motorola is giving that whole crazy colour thing a bit of a push this year with a limited edition phone, something we don’t hear about too often these days at all. We used to write about limited edition devices so often, you can find articles about special edition speakers and special edition video game consoles, though these days, not so much.

But Moto is bringing it back with a collaboration you mightn’t expect: Pantone.

For folks who aren’t sure of the name, we’re not talking about Motorola collaborating with the makers of a panettone cake, though following the holiday period, leaving your phone in one of these is actually a possibility, since every family might just have one of those left around.

Rather, Pantone measures and matches colours, and are known in the art and design space. Every year, there’s a Pantone Colour of the Year, and this year, it’s one Motorola is accenting a phone with: Viva Magenta.

That colour will sit on a limited edition of the Edge 30 Fusion, sporting the same tech as the regular Edge 30 Fusion, including a 6.55 inch pOLED screen, Snapdragon 888+, 5G, and a 50 megapixel camera, just in a new colour for the year, “Viva Magenta”.

The phone won’t be alone, and will come with a pair of earbuds in a similar colour Motorola says complements Pantone’s 2023 Colour of the Year, “Winetasting”. Those earbuds will be the Moto Buds 600 ANC, a pair with a small stem and noise cancellation, as well as up to 28 hours of battery life in the case.

And to answer your question ahead of time, no, we couldn’t make up these colour names if we tried.

As for pricing, Australians keen on getting a magenta phone with similarly magenta earphones (sorry, ahem, “winetasting” earbuds) can expect to find the limited edition pack from JB HiFi from January 19, landing locally for a recommended retail price of $899.

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