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Morphee shrinks its relaxation gadget to compact Zen

A little relaxation can be found in a gadget made for the hands and bag, but wireless headphones need not apply.

Getting to sleep is one area technology can help, but it’s not the only time you need a bit of a breather. Sometimes, it’s when you just want to take a moment and relax, and that’s something tech isn’t always well catered to.

We spend so much of our lives glued to a screen that the idea of relaxation can often be as simple as switching the screen off. And that’s easier said than done, clearly.

There are apps that can help with taking a moment, but they typically need the screen to be on, undermining the idea of turning the screen off entirely. You can always don a pair of headphones and just listen to any number of relaxing playlists, closing your eyes throughout, but then you also might get lost in the moment and switch tracks.

Relaxing with technology isn’t always easy even when you have apps and gadgets on your phone to suit.

Morphee’s approach in the past has been about building custom gadgets made for relaxing, basically allowing you to switch off and just listen to a speaker, though it’s an idea that doesn’t work in public or at work or sitting on a train, or really anywhere where there’s anyone else that doesn’t want to listen to something to help you relax.

So the latest push is to shrink its relaxation gadget into something smaller, which Morphée calls the “Zen”, a small flat pebble-shaped gadget that includes 72 sessions of relaxation based on six themes, covering relaxing music, nature sounds, and more, delivering sounds meant to help you unwind in as little as five minutes, though some named “Chrono Zen” manage to get that down into two.

The idea is a little like a custom media player made solely for relaxing themes, which is largely what the original Morphée and its child-focused model were for. Granted, those models have speakers in them, and in the case of the kids model, even a handle making it like a little boombox full of calming themes of sorts.

The Zen is a little different requiring a pair of wired headphones to plug in, something not everyone may have laying around. Indeed, representatives for Morphée confirmed the Zen does not work with Bluetooth devices, and requires a cable. That means folks with larger headphones will need to dig out their 3.5mm cable, or hope their wireless headphones have a special cable much like LG’s Tone Free T90 which includes support for line-in, an unusual inclusion as it is.

Everyone else will need to plug right into the Morphée Zen, which is for wired headphones only, limiting its focus just that little bit.

If that doesn’t bother you and there’s a pair of wired headphones on your desk waiting to be useful for something, the Morphée Zen is available online and at JB HiFi and Officeworks for $119.99.

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