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Apple Music, Spotify wrap your year in review

It wouldn’t be a year if the music providers didn’t use their data for the purposes of good, and your musical taste journey may as well be it.

We all love different sounds and beats and rhythms and chords, and that shows up in our lives differently. These days, our love for music can be delivered in a multitude of ways, from the streaming music services to the video streaming to even just watching live gigs from streams aplenty.

But we all also have different tastes, and that also helps streaming service providers understand what you like. There’s a classic line about music from the great Duke Ellington:

If it sounds good and feels good, then it IS good!

Duke Ellington

The point is there’s no such thing as “bad” in music, regardless of how many times you’ve been forced to listen to “Baby Shark” to change your mind.

But just in case you’re not sure what’s in your list for “good”, the music services are here to remind you, with a year-end wrap.

Yep, we listen to a lot of sound.

Both Spotify and Apple Music have launched their respective versions, with Spotify detailing musical likes and dislikes via an interactive sandwich journey of sorts complete with a version repped by Spotify’s AI DJ, while Apple Music’s “Replay” is a touch more direct.

Each is available in their respective apps, and may give you a glimpse into some of the more obvious preferences in your life, and occasionally some of the less obvious ones, particularly if you’ve been using your account to play music for your kids and have lost your memory of a decent song referencing “do do do” with a more annoying ear worm. Do do do.

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