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UE Wonderboom 3

Ultimate Ears makes the Wonderboom go further, longer

UE’s pudgy little can of sound is getting an update, and it’s not just because of a few new colours, either.

It has been some time since we heard of something genuinely new from Ultimate Ears, possibly because the company is going by the logic of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix”.

Ever since Ultimate Ears practically invented the the can of sound Bluetooth speaker in the Boom almost ten years ago, the approach of the brand has been to do that, and then do more of that. We’ve seen the Boom, the bigger MegaBoom, the even larger HyperBoom, and just for fun, the small and compact WonderBoom, built for folks who like to take their sound with them in a smaller size.

The Wonderboom was introduced back in 2017, with a second version two years later in the Wonderboom 2, and has been a pretty reliable speaker since. Now UE is now opting to upgrade, refreshing the line-up ever so slightly while keeping what has worked around.

The latest model is the third with the “Wonderboom” name, coming in the Wonderboom 3. Unsurprisingly, it’ll still be a 360 degree speaker that’s IP67 water resistant and can float, and it’ll still come with a fabric wrap design with big plus and minus physical buttons on the outside.

UE Wonderboom 3

New to the package is a slight improvement to the Bluetooth range moving from 33 metres to a maximum of 40, plus an extra hour of battery life, jumping from up to 13 hours in the Wonderboom 2, while the Wonderboom 3 offers up to an hour more.

The new model will reportedly replace the old one when it lands on August 31 for $149.95 in Australia, while Ultimate Ears also has a new version of its massive speaker, the Hyperboom, which is more or less the same speaker it offered back in 2020, but it now comes in white. Priced at $599.95, it’s like nothing has changed for the UE HyperBoom in Australia, which given it’s just colour that has, may as well be true enough.

UE's Hyperboom now comes in white.
UE’s Hyperboom now comes in white.
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