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Spotify’s audiobook effort arrives in Australia

After launching a rival to Audible back in September in the US, Australia is getting Spotify’s audiobooks next, too.

Spotify subscribers in Australia are about to get a little more to listen to, and it won’t just be people talking via a podcast, or even the latest tracks. It could be a book they’ve been interested in reading, but are happy to have someone else read it, as Australia gets another audio book provider.

There’s competition for Audible, it seems, with Spotify launching audiobooks in locations outside the US, expanding its audiobook addition to the service launched in America a couple of months ago.

This week’s expansion will see Spotify add the service to Australia alongside New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK, with audiobooks found in libraries, able to be purchased inside the Spotify app, with previews for books found alongside.

We’re told the Australian addition includes a few Aussie books, alongside the assortment of books found worldwide, with 300,000 audiobook titles available from launch.

However, unlike Spotify’s regular subscription system, the books will be made available after a one-time purchase. Distinct to Amazon’s subscription-based book program Kindle Unlimited, audiobooks purchased on Spotify will need to be bought individually, just like a regular book.

It should be live this week, though, so if you’re a Spotify user keen to stay in the system and hear your audiobooks alongside all your other Spotify playlists, this should be active now.

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