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Sony shows off more from its PS VR2

Round two of Sony’s VR headset is on the way, as the maker of the PlayStation reveals more about what we can expect.

It might still be hard to find a PlayStation 5, a situation that hopefully will get better in time, but you can at least look forward not just to the games you’ll eventually play when you can find one, but also the experiences set to be offered.

One of those could come in an improved virtual reality experience, as Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is set to get a new version for the PS5, with more details coming out this week.

It’s a regular dance, it seems, with Sony offering more information on the PS VR2 as time goes on, though a confirmed release date isn’t yet one of those things. Expectations are for the holiday season this year, though we hope Sony fixes the hard-to-find numbers of its PS5 console first.

However, we know the PS VR2 headset will offer more than its predecessor, too, with an ability to see through the headset thanks to built-in cameras, something desktop VR headsets offer, as well as the ability to customise where you play. While you’ll likely play in VR in front of your TV, you’ll be able to map the play area using those built-in headset cameras and the controllers for the headset, creating a virtual set of boundaries for the PS VR2 headset to work with.

There’s also support for slick animations, sporting up to 120Hz frame rates, something you can find on phones these days, and Sony has noted you’ll be able to broadcast yourself playing in VR, provided you plug a camera into the PS5 during the game.

We suspect that’ll be a specific PlayStation camera, and not just any old model, but we’ll know more as Sony preps the PS VR2 for release, which could be as early as the holiday season in 2022, or even as late as some time in 2023.

Mapping a room layout will work like this.
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