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Sony PlayStation 5

Sony PS5 to cost more in Australia (if you can find one)

Sony may well have some exciting peripherals on the way, but if the fun of finding its PS5 console hasn’t impressed you, its latest price surely won’t either.

There’s good news and bad news if you don’t own a PlayStation 5 at the moment, especially if you’re in the market for one.

First there’s the good news: the PS5 is a great console, and it has some genuinely great gear coming for it. There’s a new game controller on the way for the thing, and Sony last week announced that the PS VR2 headset would be coming next year, as well.

Also worth noting is that there are some great games available, some of which are cross platform and work on both the PS4 and PS5.

If you have the older console and are hankering for the new one, but can’t find it due to shortages, you don’t have to stop gaming, and the launch of the new tiers for PS Plus means many of these games are on tap whenever you want them, provided you pay a monthly cost.

Of course, there’s also the bad news: the PlayStation 5 is still incredibly hard to find, and when you do find it, the console will also now cost a little more all around the world, including Australia.

Officially, the PlayStation 5 will cost $50 more in Australia, with the PS5 with the Blu-ray drive set to cost $799.95 up from the $749 price it launched with, while the PS5 Digital Edition without the optical drive will cost $649.95 up from the $599 price it launched with.

That’s on top of the already pressing issue of stock shortages, which Sony doesn’t have an update for either, telling Pickr that:

For the most up-to-date stock availability please speak to your local retailer.

That probably won’t help you, but at least you know that when you do find stock of the PS5 in Australia, it’ll cost you a few bucks more.

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