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Samsung joins LG with OLED TVs in Australia

LG isn’t the only major OLED maker in Australia, as Samsung finally joins with its own OLED options locally, popping up in a 55 and 65 inch model.

One of the world’s largest makers of AMOLED panels is finally doing it, jumping into the world of OLED TVs in Australia, as Samsung takes the OLED fight to LG.

It was something not officially announced for Australia back at CES 2022. While Samsung talked up a bunch of TVs on their way to Australia, an OLED option was announced, but its OLED-tech “QD-OLED” wasn’t officially talked about much to Australians, because at the time, Samsung appeared to had not confirm the tech for local buyers.

Fast forward eight months and here we are, as Samsung announced its first OLED TVs are on their way to store shelves, launching in a $4K 55 inch and $5K 65 inch. The new models form the Samsung S95B, both of which rely on quantum dot OLED, also known as QD-OLED, which uses self-emitting organic LEDs like another OLED TVs, but appears to feature Samsung’s quantum dot technology over each pixel to hone colour and retain brightness.

Technically, these aren’t Samsung’s first OLED TVs, and they’re clearly not the first Samsung OLED panels. You can find Samsung Active Matrix OLED panels — AMOLED — in a number of devices, including its phones and even quite a bunch of iPhone models, while Samsung’s first OLED TV popped up in 2013 before it was retired and the company focused on LED-backlit TVs.

But with years of research, it appears Samsung is ready to make a move with OLED, and has the tech to do it, with the 4K UHD 55 inch and 65 inch S95B heading to stores shelves shortly.

“This new TV range from Samsung goes beyond the typical panel technology to provide remarkable entertainment experiences due to true RGB sub-pixels and HDR10+ technology,” said Jeremy Senior, Vice President for Consumer Electronics at Samsung Australia.

“Samsung OLED TVs offer the amazing picture quality, incredible colour, and dazzling brightness that Samsung TVs are renowned for,” he said.

Much like LG’s OLED TVs, don’t expect Samsung’s OLED TVs to be inexpensive, with the technology commanding higher prices than their QLED kin. The top of the range Samsung QN95B QLED TV retails for $3099 in 55 inches and $4099 for 65 inches this year, while the Samsung S95B OLED TV will cost $4079 for a 55 inch model or $5249 for a 65 inch equivalent. That’s the limit on size, too, with Samsung’s OLED TVs maxing out at 65 inches, compared with the much larger OLED options you can find from LG.

But it is a start, and may mean come CES 2023, you can expect to find a few more options with larger OLEDs in the new year.

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