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Ring’s Spotlight shines a light on more features in Plus, Pro

It’s not just new smart speakers, as Amazon’s other division for the smart home casts a light over your home, and a watchful gaze with its new Spotlight cameras.

Amazon’s event this week may have included stuff you can listen to, but it wasn’t just that sort of gear for the smart home, as another of its smart home centred brands came into the spotlight. Almost literally.

The Ring video doorbells we’ve seen through the years got a bit of an upgrade in recent years, but its smaller take on the not-quite-floodlight — the spotlight — haven’t quite seen the same technology improvements, that is until now.

In 2022, the Ring Spotlight models became a two part effort, with the Spotlight Cam Plus offering a way to check out who’s coming to visit at night with colour vision in daylight and a colour night vision mode, plus two-way talking, live view, and a security siren. It’ll arrive in three options, with a model you can plug in, a battery based model, and even one equipped with a solar panel, and it won’t be alone.

Ring’s premium spotlight-style outdoor light for the year is the Spotlight Cam Pro, and it’ll gain similar technology, but boost it just that little bit more.

You’ll find support for pre-roll in colour and a 3D motion detection mode, plus a bird’s eye view to provide an aerial map view of what’s going on. The early expectations are that this will be very similar in technology to the radar approach Ring uses for its doorbell, with this now trickling to the Spotlight Cam Pro model.

Much like the Cam Plus model announced, there will be various versions here, too, with a battery option plus a solar panel that can keep power for as long as the sun keeps its battery charged, though there’s a battery only and wired variety, too.

Pricing on the Spotlight Cam Plus starts at $289 without the solar pack, while the Spotlight Cam Pro will start at $329 with the solar edition coming for $359, both of which have availability in late October.

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