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LG set to bring a massive 97 inch OLED to IFA 2022

A big new OLED panel is coming to a massive size, as LG readies a staggering 2.46 metre diagonal OLED TV at the mid-year consumer tech show IFA.

Almost nine months on from the launch of new TVs at CES 2022, yet more TVs are on the way, and they may even hit new records.

The world’s biggest OLED TV looks to be shown at IFA 2022 in just a few days, as LG looks set to offer a massive screen for folks with very deep pockets, possibly as big as the screen itself.

LG’s G2 OLED range launched earlier this year looks set to expand quite literally with a screen measuring 97 inches diagonally, translating to what is ostensibly a 2.5 metre TV, the biggest OLED screen in the world, the company says.

It’ll join an assortment of LG’s 2022 OLED screens covering 42 inches all the way up to 97, likely offering a 4K screen in a 97 inch size due to the G-series OLED TVs being 4K models. There’s also a 136 inch 4K screen of sorts set to be shown, as LG offers up its answer to Samsung’s Micro LED wall technology in the 4K Micro LED modular TVs.

There will be some sizeable 8K models set to be shown, LG says, with an 88 inch Z2 OLED, plus an 86 inch 8K QNED TV, the latter of which skips organic light emitting diodes and instead opts for quantum dots and Mini LEDs, though both will sport the massive 8K resolution.

Granted, there’s still not much content for an 8K TV, so if you’re considering an 8K screen, know that most of what you’ll consider will end up being upscale to fit, but at least there will be more in the world of 8K to consider, and it seems, more in the world of 4K.

Of course, there’s no word on pricing for any of these screens, let alone that huge 97 inch 4K LG G2, but given the size, don’t expect it to be cheap.

In Australia, the 83 inch equivalent of the LG G2 OLED hits a massive $13K, so we’re largely expecting the 97 inch G2 OLED to be somewhere between $25K and $30K if it eventually launches locally.

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